Carriage of grain cargo on a long haul voyage

   The fleet vessel, MV “AEC Belief” 33,540 deadweight, built 2004, safely carried a full cargo of grain on a long haul voyage with approximate 40 days at sea.

Grain cargoes are hygroscopic and require utmost care, especially during long voyages with large variations in air and water temperatures and weather conditions. During the vessel’s sea passage, readings were taken twice daily for humidity and temperature in each cargo hold as well as for outside and sea temperatures. Cargo holds were ventilated regularly.


The cargo and vessel were duly cleared by USDA after arrival at discharge port and the cargo was safely discharged at destination in good order and condition to the complete satisfaction of cargo interests.

  AEC constantly strives to employ the best practices to fulfil our commitment towards safe carriage of cargo.

Narash Khandelwal – Operations