Soya Beans loading in Nueva Palmira

AEC is constantly active in South America and an important grain loading port is Nueva Palmira in Uruguay. AEC are performing many shipments from Nueva Palmira and are very comfortable with the local regulations and restrictions.

At end August the Time Chartered vessel, MV CMB Julliette a 33,684 mt DWT geared Bulk Carrier Built 2011, loaded a full cargo of Soya Beans.

CMB Julliete - NP Grain loading Aug 15

             Soya loading by spout

The vessel will cross the Atlantic and steam into the Mediterranean to discharge the cargo at Rades, Tunesia.

  • Ryan Girling – Chartering


AEC loads Steel Slabs in Brazil

AEC has an extensive network within the South American steel industry. Brazil has for quite some years not exported large volume of steel product, apart from one certain steel plant that was built mainly for export purposes.  However, with the weaker Brazilian Real and a decline in the internal Brazilian steel demand more local steel mills have returned to the export market.

AEC’s professional team has been ready to pick up this renewed demand and in August the Time Chartered vessel MV Agatis, a 27,254 dwat, loaded a full cargo of export Steel Slabs.

Agatis - Pria Mole steel slaps loading - Aug 15

Night stowage of Steel Slabs

  • Anderson Luis da Silva – Chartering