Dry-docking of MV AEC Diligence, April 2015

The fleet vessel, MV AEC Diligence 31,189 deadweight, built 2002, completed a successful dry-docking and special survey in April 2015.

AEC’s technical managers, SeaQuest attended the vessel whilst in dry-dock and supervised the high quality maintenance carried out.

Apart from the usual dry-dock works carried out, all cargo spaces were treated to maintain the usual, high standards, which AEC believes its custo...
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Grab Operations

Loading and discharging at the East Coast of South America or the U.S. East Coast at times require own equipment at ports that do not always have what is needed to load and discharge the bulk cargoes.

AEC has exclusive access to various sets of grabs strategically situated along the two coasts. In total AEC have access to four full sets of grabs and accessories making it possible to fit grabs at almost any vessel with crane...
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Dry-docking of MV AEC Belief

The fleet vessel, MV “AEC Belief” 33,540 deadweight, built 2004, underwent a successful dry-docking and special survey completed in February 2015.

AEC’s technical managers, SeaQuest, with whom AEC’s enjoys a close, strategic relationship, attended the vessel on-site to supervise and ensure maintenance was carried out to strict quality standards.

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