AEC takes 2011 built Box-Shaped / Double-hull Bulker of an innovative design on long term charter and concludes the vessel’s first AEC employment

Agricultural & Energy Carriers (AEC) has concluded a long term charter for the sophisticated designed Box-Shaped Bulker Carrier MV Four Diamond and is sending her on the first AEC employment carrying a full cargo of bulk wheat from the U.S. Gulf. The vessel is the second in the world of this new innovative design.

The vessel is briefly described as follows:

MV Four Diamond

Single Deck Double-Hull Box Shaped Bulk Carrier

34,053 Dwat on 9.85 m ssw (TPC 51.1)

Built 2011 / Cayman Islands Flag

Loa 180 m / Beam 30 m

4 x 30 mts Cranes

5 ho/ha

Grain cubic including hatch coamings:

1) 7,781.40

2) 9,488.00

3) 9,483.40

4) 9,483.80

5) 9,273.20

Total 45,509.80

Tanks Top Strength 22 mt per m2 in all holds

GRT/NRT (Int) 23,985/10,652

Australian Hold Ladders/CO2/ SOLAS/Smoke Detection/Electrical Holds Ventilation fitted


15 knots ballast on 25 mt IFO (380cst) M/E + 2 mt IFO Aux – No diesel at sea

14 knots laden on 27 mt IFO (380cst) M/E + 2 mt IFO Aux – No diesel at sea

Vessel may consume MDO while changing ballast, ballasting / deballasting, cleaning holds, entering and leaving ports / canals and maneuvering in confined / restricted waters.

Port consumption: Idle 3 mt IFO (380 cst) / Working 4.5 mt IFO (380cst)

All details ‘about’ and given in good faith.