AEC attend to more US Aid/World Food Programme

The AEC vessel MV AEC Diligence loaded a cargo of bulk wheat on the US West Coast destined for the Yemen. The cargo was a US Aid/World Food Programme cargo and AEC are proud to once again support the efforts of such important organizations in providing food and relief to those in need.

The cargo was discharged in Hodeidah. After departure the AEC Diligence proceeded to load Fertilizer in Aqaba which she is currently on her way to discharge in India.

“Although it is by no means our usual trading pattern, we are none the less proud to be able to continue to serve organizations like US Aid and the World Food Programme in their endeavors to feed those in need throughout the world” says Jesper Lollesgaard, Chartering Manager AEC London

AEC take another Panamax to attend to it’s close Charterers needs

AEC charters yet another Panamax vessel to attend to close Charterers needs. This time it was the MV HONG YUAN 76,573MTS DWAT Built 2009 LOA/BEAM 225M/32.26M 90,099 m2 Grain Capacity.

The vessel will be loading a full cargo of coal from the Gulf of Mexico to South America.

‘We do everything possible to attend to our close client needs’ say Jesper Lollesgaard, Chartering Manager at AEC, London. ‘The company has the knowledge and capability to attend in all sizes despite our activity the past years have been mainly from Handysize up to Ultramaxes.’

What you got, we can load !

The AEC vessel MV AEC Belief loaded a project cargo being a mix of bulk cargo, cargo in big bags, containers and various Steel Structures both under and on deck.

The Vessel arrived for loading at Lianyungang and assisted by her box holds and open hatch configuration loaded the cargo in a record 5 days. The cargo will be discharged at anchorage into barges in Indonesia.

“We are proud to offer our clients efficient operation supported by our advanced ships and their skilled manpower on board” says Jesper Lollesgaard, Chartering Manager AEC London.

AEC controls above 1,000,000 mts Deadweight

AEC currently controls a fleet amounting to 1,042,239 mts Deadweight, with almost half of the vessels being max 3 years of age and the average age coming to 6 years.

‘We focus on quality performance for our clients’ says CEO Lars-Peter Madsen. ‘I believe that our reputation speaks for itself and we are comfortable that our fleet profile can attend our close Charterers very well’.

AEC average fleet vessel size is 45,314 Dwat currently consisting of the following vessel sizes:

71,081 Dwat

63,530 Dwat

61,097 Dwat

60,425 Dwat

56,732 Dwat

53,432 Dwat

52,987 Dwat

52,055 Dwat

39,202 Dwat

38,561 Dwat

37,811 Dwat

37,504 Dwat

37,200 Dwat

37,188 Dwat

35,897 Dwat

35,480 Dwat

35,186 Dwat

34,914 Dwat

34,905 Dwat

33,540 Dwat

33,200 Dwat

33,166 Dwat

32,189 Dwat

31,957 Dwat