AEC is starting the month of July with active U.S. loading program

The company holds close ties with the United States and it exporters and AEC has vast in-house U.S. freight trading experience. U.S.A. is an important market for the company and there is always a close focus on optimizing and expanding those business activities. From the Head office in the Lyford Cay area on New Providence, Bahamas, the airtime is very convenient for U.S. visits and follows ups.  New York is 2 1/2 hour away, Miami or Fort Lauderdale 35 minutes and Houston 3 hours only.

The start of July have been busy. AEC has been and are loading the following vessels in U.S. ports:

MV Starway – Beaumont – 26,650 mts of grain products

MV Penghu SW – Houston – 32,000 mts of grain products

MV Falcon Trader – Mississippi River – 15,000 mts of grain products

MV Mardinik – New Orleans – 25,000 mts of grain products

MV Marcolorado – Mississippi River – 27,500 mts of grain products

MV Federal Kibune – Norfolk – 32,500 mts grain products

MV Halki – Norfolk – 31,600 mts of grain products







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