Ultramax or Panamax?

The traditional Panamaxes are facing competition from two sides. The Ultramaxes and the Kamsarmaxes are both newer popular designs. Depending on the restrictions involved in the various trades, the newer designs do threaten the standard Panamax vessels in their trades.

During the 2016 CMA in Stamford, CT, the CEO of AEC was asked what designs he thought would be the future designs in Dry Bulk.  Mr. Madsen was not in doubt when he in details explained why some of the new Bulk Carriers designs indeed would have a bright future over a longer period. Yes, the markets where extremely dull at the time (End February 2016) but it was still a question of keeping ‘the eye on the ball’. He outlined why Kamsarmaxes (81-86,000dwt), Ultramaxes (60-66,000 dwt) and Handymaxes (37-45,000 dwt), from good shipyards, would fair well over the next decades.

Pictured: AEC’s chartered Ultramax, MV Start Mistral – 63,306 dwt. The vessel loaded a cargo of bulk coal at Mobile, USA during the first week of May 2018.