AEC vessel loads about 3,000mt of Seamless Steel Pipes in Italy

With open hatches and box holds the AEC fleet was designed to carry cargoes such as long steel pipes in a safe and efficient manner.

“It is always a pleasure when we can utilize our own tonnage on the types of cargoes that they were designed to carry, and in fact this is the third time the same vessel has loaded steel pipes.” says Jesper Lollesgaard, Chartering Manager in London responsible for European markets.

Mr. Lollesgaard adds: ‘Although traditionally most of the Pipes loaded by AEC have been loaded at Japanese ports, it is likely that other origins of such cargoes will if not beat then equal the volume of Japanese pipes.’

 Diligence - pipes loading August 2016 - 3

This cargo of steel pipes was loaded in record time at two ports in Italy using a minimal amount of dunnage and is now well under way to the destination.