Nut Coke, another type of mineral carried by AEC

AEC carries many types of minerals. Recently the 53,464 mt dwat, 2007 built, MV Pauline,  carried about 35,000 mts NUT COKE from Colombia to Brazil. It is a low ash metallurgical coke of smaller grain size. It is used in smelters and in the production of ferro alloys. Nut coke is used in blast furnaces to increase productivity and achieve cost savings. It’s moisture content is relatively low and qualifies as a Group C cargo.

Nut Coke loading into the vessels cargo hold.

Aggregates handled first class

AEC loaded the brand new MV Tomini Tenacity, a 2020 built, 63,510 Dwat, with about 50,000 mt bulk aggregates from Lower Cover, Canada to Wilmington, North Carolina, USA.

MV Tomini Tenacity

Aggregates stored at the loading port

AEC Ability ll

AEC also carries humanitarian cargoes, and our MV AEC Ability II have this month discharged a cargo of 35000 mt bulk wheat in Yemen and Djibouti for The World Food Program. They are the food-assistance branch of the United Nations and the world’s largest humanitarian organization addressing hunger and promoting food security. According to the WFP, it provides food assistance to an average of 91.4 million people in 83 countries each year. This cargo was loaded in Portland, Oregon and the total transit time up to Aden was about 40 days.

AEC’s steel program in full swing

AEC is recognized for being active in the steel products trades. We have constantly vessels loaded with steel cargoes on the water.

MV Florinda, 58,747 dwat Built 2008, Loading Steel Slabs in Pecem (Northeast Brazil)

Spending the COVID-19 period wisely

Hull and Bottom getting prepared for first coat

MV AEC Diligence entered her periodically DryDocking in China. The work performed includes the fitting of Ballast Water Treatment System. The vessel is in great shape and her unique features, such as Box-shaped holds, Fully Open Hatches, Logs fitted plus an economical Consumption, are expected to take her through the current world crises into more favorable markets.

First spot/prep coats applied

Second coat applied
Final coat applied
Propeller upgrading

Artificial separation in the cargo holds

Often Shippers load different grain cargoes in the same cargo hold and sometimes for multiple destinations. Depending on the possible stowage plan and the number of different grades, artificial separations need to be placed to avoid the different grades or commodities to be commingled. It is normally done with plastic sheets/trampolines and plywood.  It is labor intense work, which must be done to Master’s satisfaction. Most grain terminals-ports do have specialized companies that provide this kind of service.

AEC loaded on their about 50000 mt of Corn, Wheat, Soybeans on the charter vessel MV Inca Queen (2014 built, 52199 MT DWAT) from Mississippi River where Hold No.5 had one separation to separate wheat from corn. The cargo was for three ports in Colombia.

Plywood laid to create the artificial separation

Cleaning last cargo on the artificial separation

AEC loads Concrete Coated Pipes in Rio de Janeiro

Concrete pipes loaded three at a time

Coating the subsea pipeline with concrete is a technique to add downward force for stability of pipelines situated on the seabed.

The stowage begins in the vessel’s box-shaped holds

Wheat and Corn Downstream

AEC loaded MV Yuan Shun Hai, a 56,956 dwat Bulk Carriers with 30 tons cranes built 2009, with 52,426 mts of bulk Wheat and Corn at the Zon-Noh Grain Elevator at Convent, LA on the Mississipi River. The shipment is going to Barranquilla, Columbia.

AEC is a regular carrier of grain products out of the Mississipi River serving the many terminals on the River.

Andre Spernega – Chartering

Wind Energy to USA

Windmill Blades being loaded with tandem crane lift

AEC’s long term period vessel, MV Bunun Hero, Japanese 37,811 Dwat double hull Bulk Carriers, Built 2015, loaded large windmill blades in India for New Orleans, USA.

AEC Operations

AEC’s operations teams, the important ‘office crew’ that handle and coordinate all the Vessel Voyages and Charters after the business has been concluded, was reshaped during 2019. Ivan Santos and Renata Fischer joined the Bahamas office and Pako Della Gatta joined the UK office.

On the Claims and Defense front P.L. Ferrari was engaged headed by Fabrizio Pescaglia.