AEC Celebrates its 10th Anniversary!!!

Loading Carbon Anodes to UAE.

MV AEC Diligence, 32189 mt dwat, 2002 built, box shape holds design, loading carbon anodes from Qingdao to UAE.

Bagged Cement from Turkey to South America

AEC period vessel, MV Asahi Bulker, 33179 mt dwat, 2012 built, loading about 32000 mt of cement in jumbo bags from Turkey to Uruguay. Cargo was loaded pre-slung, and nicely stowed along her 5 holds.

AEC’s Steel Pipes

AEC had MV AEC Diligence Box Hold/Open Hatch/Logger 32,258 MT DWAT, carrying special, coated steel pipes from India to Australia. These are special made pipes, which demands careful packaging and handling.

Pre-loading survey of the special curved pipes boxed in with the pipes’ edges covered with plastic caps.

Loading into Hold No. 1

Coated steel pipes stowed in Hold No. 4

AEC’s Steel Service

Steel products where loading in Paria Mole, Brazil for five discharging ports in three countries on the West Coast of South America.

The 37,964 mt Dwat MV Nordorinoco built 2015.

The very start of the loading proceedure.

Different sizes of steels coils are loaded in three tiers.


AEC’s Time-Chartered vessel MV Trammo Stranton. 38,629 mt Dwat built 2015 boxshaped with 30 mts cranes

Steel slabs neatly loaded and stowed in Hold number 3 in Pecem, Brazil. Total intake about  33,000 mts of steel slabs. The shipment is for discharging at Santos, Brazil i.e. a short sea voyage.

Had the cargo gone on trucks it would have taken in excess of a 1,000 trucks to move the slabs to Santos.

Transiting through the Suez Canal

After loading in India and Bahrain, MV AEC Diligence is passing through the Suez Canal on her way to Italy and Algeria, delivering multiple parcels of steels, granite, minerals and more.

AEC Ultramax

The newer and large Ultramax Designs have proven themselves since they were introduced. History of Maritime Shipping have shown that ship designers have not always hit jackpot with new designs. However,
as expected, the Ultramaxes and the new shallow Handymaxes have proven to be very successful designs.

MV Star Nike

The MV Star Nike is a Japanese Imabari 63,445 mts Dwat New Building (Built 2020) currently carrying AEC cargo to the Mediterranean.

Bulk Corn from Brazil to West Coast Central America

MV Astoria Harmony, a 2018 built, 38,524 mt Dwat, carries a full cargo of corn from Barcarena, Brazil via the Panama Canal to Guatemala and El Salvador, one of AEC’s many grain trades.

MV Astoria Harmony