The Natural Disaster in the Northern Bahamas – Hurricane Dorian

1st of September 2019 – Dorian made landfall in The Abacos as a super Category 5 Hurricane with wind gusts up to 220mph/350km/h and storm surge between 15 and 25 feet. The storm continued very slowly towards Grand Bahamas, where it slowed down close to a halt, generating even further damage than normal moving hurricane of any strength.

Hurricane Dorian was the strongest hurricane that had ever made landfall in The Bahamas. The devastation is total in The Abacos, Grand Bahamas/Freeport. Most areas have been flattened and flooded. There are really no words that can describe the tragic natural disaster. Our prayer are with everyone that continue to suffer in the many areas that are currently inaccessible. From New Providence/Nassau many are doing their best to prepare for the needed hurricane relief, with great support from abroad, and we hope that others will support the efforts.

Rescue workers are fighting hard to get access to the islands
Flooded in sea water from the huge storm surge

AEC is financially supporting our local pilot Mr. Paul Aranha from Trans Islands Airways with their hurricane relief efforts. We are close to them, they are very professional and we have worked with them before with relief work. AEC staff have also offered their personal help with the relief preparations. Money for the Mr. Aranha lead efforts can be donated via the following account which is eligible for a 501(c)(3) charitable tax deduction;

Bank: Chase

Routing No.  267084131

Account No. 215828721

Name: Seahorse Children’s Foundation 

Reference: TIA Dorian

You can also pay via the following PayPal account;

Please send a copy/screen shot of your wire transfer receipt or PayPal confirmation to so that your donation is confirmed in the running costs for the operation.


Cleaning up Houston !

Steel scrap alongside MV AEC Diligence

The good vessel MV AEC Diligence started loading a full cargo of steel scrap in the port of Houston. The vessel is headed on the long sea voyage from Houston, down the Caribbean, along the North East coast of South American, cross the Atlantic, pass the Cape of Good Hope, Madagascar on starboard, keeping clear of Somalia, Oman to port and then into the Arabian Gulf to discharge the cargo in Jubail, Saudi Arabia.

Voyage Route
First grab load onboard

AEC loads bagged rice at Kaohsiung

AEC’s period vessel MV Nord Taipei 33,142 dwat built 2011 loads just over 23,000 mt of bagged rice at Kaohsiung destined for West Africa.

Portions of the bags are hoisted up from barge alongside and into the vessel’s holds.

The Stevedores neatly stack and organize the cargo for optimal stability and stow.