AEC takes 2011 built Box-Shaped / Double-hull Bulker of an innovative design on long term charter and concludes the vessel’s first AEC employment

Agricultural & Energy Carriers (AEC) has concluded a long term charter for the sophisticated designed Box-Shaped Bulker Carrier MV Four Diamond and is sending her on the first AEC employment carrying a full cargo of bulk wheat from the U.S. Gulf. The vessel is the second in the world of this new innovative design.

The vessel is briefly described as follows:

MV Four Diamond

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AEC is providing first class service in the South American agriculture trade

On the 19th of August 2011 Agricultural & Energy Carriers (AEC) agreed to provide their services for the carriage of 30,000 mts corn from Paranagua, Brazil to Puerto Cabello, Venezuela. The Charterers Agri Commodity Trade Inc, Weston, FL - U.S.A had a need to load a minimum/maximum cargo quantity with a narrow spread of days for the arrival window in the loading port.

AEC was capable of meeting all of the Charterers nee...
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AEC – the first to have carried agriculture products in bulk to the port of Huasco, Chile

Agricultural & Energy Carriers (AEC) became the first company to have carried agriculture products in bulk to the port of Huasco, Chile. Drawing on its considerable technical resources and professional experience, AEC designed a complex stowage plan to transport four different grades of grains: Soybean Meal Pellets (6,174.39 mts), Sorghum (10,139 mts), Maize (14,613 mts) and Soybeans (2,400.3 mts).

In the beginning of S...
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