AEC currently work with a Drycargo fleet of around 20-25 vessels in the range of 30,000dwt to 82,000 dwt.

Commercially managed Drycargo Vessels (excluding Time Chartered vessels):

Name Deadweight Year Built
MV AEC Diligence *AEC Diligence 32,189 mts 2002 Japan
Double Hull / Open Hatch / Box Shaped / Logger

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AEC owned vessels are all Double-Hull vessels and are what is called Open Hatch types with Box-Shaped holds . The Double-Hull does not only provide increased safety but the designs also allows the interior of the holds to be Box-Shaped. Box-Shaped holds are considerably better for cargoes like Steel Products, Unitised and General Cargo. Some cargoes like Wood Pulp, Paper in Reels and Aluminium Ingots are normally only loaded in Box-Shaped vessels. Having Box-Holds and Open Hatches greatly facilitate the loading and the stowage of such cargoes.